The Mission

The Montreal Holocaust Museum educates people of all ages and backgrounds about the Holocaust, while sensitising the public to the universal perils of antisemitism, racism, hate and indifference. Through its Museum, its commemorative programs and educational initiatives, the Montreal Holocaust Museum promotes respect for diversity and the sanctity of human life.

The Objectives

  • To sensitise people of all ages and backgrounds to the Holocaust through commemorative events, survivor testimonies, educational programs and a museum
  • To provide the tools to fight racism and promote respect and human dignity
  • To present opportunities for intercultural understanding
  • To promote educational programs and activities

The Organisation

The Montreal Holocaust Museum is a non-profit organisation and a recognised charity. The MHM is managed by a Board of Directors, which is responsible for the organisation’s strategic orientations and policies. The Board and the Museum plan their actions on a tri-annual basis in order to accomplish their objectives.

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Main Goals of the 2017-2020 Action Plan:

  • The Museum will further develop and augment its presence and outreach throughout Canada, through its oral history and artefact collections and their research potential, traveling exhibits, its educational programming, tools, materials and support, commemoration, use of digital technology, expertise on the Holocaust and human rights, and media recognition.
  • The Museum will strengthen and promote its national and international leadership in oral history in terms of collection, preservation, access to and educational use of videos, leveraging its work in this field.
  • The Museum will innovate in its production and use of survivor testimony to respond to the educational system’s interest, in light of reduced opportunities for survivor speakers.
  • The Museum will adapt its structure, resources and functioning in order to consolidate growth achieved and be better prepared for future growth, leveraging recent projects.
  • At the term of this Action Plan, the Museum will have defined its path: New Museum or renewal of its existing facility and outreach through other means.
  • The Museum’s online presence will be strong, vibrant, relevant, and recognised by the public.
  • The Museum will be securely supported, through new fundraising networks, legacy gifts and grant opportunities.

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