We recommend the following Museum experiences:

Guided Tour

Walter Absil, Holocaust survivor, guiding a young visitor in the permenant exhibition.

Guided tours are offered in French or English, by reservation only. A guided tour can be easily integrated into citizenship education, history, ethics, and religious culture courses. It can also be beneficial for second language and literature courses.

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Museum Themes:

  • 1st Section (early 20th century): Jewish communities in Europe and North Africa, Jewish traditions and holidays.
  • 2nd Section (1919-1939): Treaty of Versailles and the Weimar Republic, Hitler’s accession to power, persecution of the Jews, propaganda, the reaction of German Jews, the pogrom of the Night of Broken Glass, the reaction of Canada and the world.
  • 3rd Section (1939-1950): The invasion of Poland, non-Jewish victims, the ghettos, deportation, the camps, armed and spiritual resistance, the Righteous, the collaborators, liberation, displaced persons’ camps, immigration of survivors to Canada.

Useful Information:

  • Education Level: Grade 6 and up
  • Languages: English and French
  • Number of Participants: Minimum 10 participants. Maximum 48 participants (including accompanying adults) for school groups; maximum 25 participants for other groups.
  • Cost: $6 per student/senior, $8 per adult. $10/student when combined with an In-person or Virtual Educational Workshop.
  • Duration: 1.5 hours

To reserve a guided tour for your class or group, complete the pre-reservation form.

Testimony with a Holocaust Survivor:

Léon Celemencki, Holocaust survivor, meeting pupils from Buissionnière school. Montreal, 2016

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE IN PERSON. Click for more information about Virtual Survivor Testimonies and to complete the pre-reservation form.

A survivor testimony adds a personal dimension to the history of the Holocaust and the millions of victims. It puts students in direct personal contact with a complex and incomprehensible part of history.

Useful Information:

  • Education Level: Grade 6 and up
  • Languages: English and French
  • Number of participants: 10 to 100 participants depending on room capacity
  • Cost:$150 to rent a conference room (The testimony itself is free and a donation to the Museum is greatly appreciated)
  • Duration: 45 to 60 minutes depending on the speaker

To reserve a testimony session for your class or a group, use the pre-reservation form.

Educational Workshop:

In this workshop, students will discover Eva Kuper’s story. Eva was born in Warsaw in 1940, shortly after the Nazi invasion of Poland. A few months after her birth, her family was confined to the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw. After her mother was deported, Eva and her father managed to escape from the ghetto. They survived the war in hiding.

Through watching a video excerpt of Eva’s testimony and interacting with reproductions of artefacts that belonged to children and teenagers who survived the Holocaust in hiding, students will discover what life was like for them under the Nazi Occupation and reflect on the difficult choices they had to make.

  • Education Level: Grade 6 to Sec. 2
  • Languages: Click here for information on the French workshop featuring Walter Absil.
  • Number of participants:maximum 48, including accompanying adults
  • Cost:$6/student, or $10/student when combined with a Guided Tour or Virtual History Class
  • Duration:1 hour

To reserve a pedagogical workshop for your class, use the pre-reservation form.