The Montreal Holocaust Museum takes a public stand in response to current issues of respect for diversity.

Through its public position, the Museum furthers the mission it was given in 1979 by the Holocaust survivors who founded it. The Museum implements actions, events, and programs to sensitise decision-makers and the public. With its unique expertise, it acts on issues of human rights, antisemitism, racism, hatred and indifference.

2023-02-03 The Montreal Holocaust Museum’s Statement on the Unanimous Adoption of Motion M-62

2022-07-14 The Montreal Holocaust Museum’s Statement Following the Trial of an Individual Accused of Promoting Hatred Against Jews

2022-02-27 The Montreal Holocaust Museum’s Statement about Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

2022-02-18  The Montreal Holocaust Museum’s Statement About Dangerous Nazi Comparisons

2021-06-09 The Montreal Holocaust Museum Condemns the Recent Islamophobic Attack in London, Ontario

2021-06-02 Confronting Antisemitism

2021-03-10 Montreal Holocaust Museum’s Statement about the Genocide Against Uyghur and Other Turkic Muslim Minorities in China

2021-02-16 Montreal Holocaust Museum Expresses Concerns Regarding Libel Lawsuit Against Professors Engelking and Grabowski

2021-01-14 Montreal Holocaust Museum Statement on Act of Vandalism at the Shaar Hashomayim Synagogue

2020-10-28 Systemic Racism: The Montreal Holocaust Museum Stands in Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples

2020-08-20 Montreal Holocaust Museum Encourages Suspension of the Safe Third Country Agreement with the United States

2020-06-16 Confronting Systemic Racism

2020-01-29 The Montreal Holocaust Museum regretfully notes the Montreal Mayor’s refusal to support the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) definition of antisemitism 

2020-01-27 MHM President’s Statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

2019-10-11 Montreal Holocaust Museum Statement on Halle Synagogue Attack

2019-10-04 The Montreal Holocaust Museum welcomes the apology expressed by the Quebec government to First Nations and Inuit

2018-10-28 Museum Statement on Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre

2018-02-13 Montreal Holocaust Museum Concerned about Polish Legislation

2017-10-26 The stigmatization, stereotyping and denial of public service to the small number of Muslim women who wear face coverings, appears to us, unrelated to the stated purpose of Law 62

2017-09-14 Bill 62: The Montreal Holocaust Museum is Deeply Concerned

2017-08-02 Canadians Call for Official Recognition of the Roma Genocide, an open letter to the Primer Minister, Justin Trudeau

2017-05-17 What can we do? article from Alice Herscovitch, Montreal Holocaust Museum Director, on SEEKING PROTECTION

2016-05-20 One Year Later…

2016-05-04 OpEd: Canada’s Leadership as Mass Violence Continues

2015-11-27 About the Refugee Crisis

2015-05-27 Statement on Antisemitism

2014-10-02 A Museum for Human Rights is NOT Enough

2013-11-15 Opposition to Bill 60

2012-12-14 Hungary must be removed from the DCO

2012-07-16 Bill C-31: The threat of “safe” countries