Zlatka Pitluk

Zlatka Pitluk recalls an unforgettable birthday in Auschwitz.

Source: Montreal Holocaust Museum, 1998

Zlatka Pitluk was born in Pruzany, Poland (today Pruzhany, Belarus) in 1924. In this video she explains how she made a heart-shaped booklet for her friend’s birthday in Auschwitz and how she organized other girls to sign it.

I made two little hearts and glued them together with the bread
and the water.
Zlatka Pitluk

Zlatka Pitluk arrived in Auschwitz in January 1943. She was transferred to a munitions factory.  Oblivious to the risks she was taking, Zlatka prepared a surprise for Fania with the aid of 19 girls who managed to communicate with each-other even though they spoke different languages (Polish, French, German, Hungarian and Czech). Fania received a birthday cake made of bits of bread, margarine and jam and a heart-shaped booklet with birthday wishes and messages of hope.

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