On this page, you will find in this page all of our educational maps and timelines about the Holocaust.

Interactive maps and timelines

Working with interactive maps and timelines enables you to teach about the Holocaust in its European and global context, in order to show students what came before the events and what circumstances made it possible.

All of the interactive maps and timelines available online are featured in our permanent exhibition at the Museum. They support dynamic teaching by exploring different themes and events from the Holocaust in greater detail, thanks to our visually striking designs.

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1936-1939 - Anti-Jewish Laws in Nazi Germany

Themes addressed:

Deportation And Killing Centres
Major Ghettos Of Eastern Europe
– War, Persecutions And Mass Killings

Anti Jewish Laws
Empty Acts: The World Responds
Fighting To Survive: Jewish Resistance
Nazi Path To Power
The World Responds: Too Little, Too Late
War Crimes Trials

Download the History of the Holocaust poster for your classroom

Designed out of a desire to clearly illustrate Canada’s role during the Holocaust, our History of the Holocaust poster features key events that shaped the Holocaust in Europe, as well as in Canada. The poster also provides students with questions and opportunities for reflection: Why did we choose these events? What events would you add? How did Canada react to the Holocaust?

Use our new accompanying pedagogical sheet to further the reflections initiated by the questions at the bottom of the poster, analyse the events featured on the timeline as well as find complementary resources to help you with teaching the Holocaust.

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