For nearly 40 years, Holocaust survivors have shared their stories with the Museum’s audience. Over the years, they have recounted their experiences and transmitted their messages of courage, respect and hope. This exhibition celebrates them.

Honoring the Memory of Survivors

In 2019, the Museum launched a photographic project to highlight the exceptional contribution of these witnesses to history and keepers of memory. Eszter Andor, Commemoration and Oral History Coordinator at the Museum, and Stéphanie Cousineau, photographer, set out to meet thirty survivors in the privacy of their homes. Each visit was a wonderful opportunity to share memories and uncover treasured personal objects.


Witnesses to History Exhibit poster for the Rivière-des-Prairies Library


Rena Schondorf is one of thirty survivors showcased in this exhibit.


Physical poster introducing the Witnesses to History, Keepers of Memory exhibit.

Inspiring Moments and Objects

Through memories and recorded anecdotes, the exhibition retraces the stories of these survivors, of their lost ones, of their lives before the Holocaust. Portrait, object, and voice converge in a toughful and moving installation that allows the visitor to connect with these extraordinary people, these witnesses to history.

This exhibition is complementary to the virtual exhibition Witnesses to History, Keepers of Memory.

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My grandmother was with me, in the same transport as I.
Rena Schondorf


Practical Information to Host Witnesses to History

  • Rental Fees: There are no rental fees. Transportation and insurance costs are the responsibility of the renter.
  • Space Requirements: The exhibition is flexible, and each component is an independent stand-alone. It will fit in spaces as small as 25 square meters.
  • Target Audience: General public and school groups.
  • Language: French and English.
  • Minimum Rental Period: 4 Weeks.
  • Additional Tools: The exhibit can be accompagnied by an iPad with additional content and a collection of thirty frames representing each survivor. The inclusion of these items is to be discussed with the Museum at the time of your request.

For more details, please download our information sheet. To reserve a date, please contact Marie-Blanche Fourcade, Head of Collections and Exhibitions at