The Being a Refugee in Canada educational activity about forced migration during the Second World War and today offers students the opportunity to consider why an individual might leave everything behind to start a new life elsewhere. As well, it informs them about the responsibilities of states and civil societies towards asylum-seekers and refugees.

Through the use of different primary and secondary sources, along with analysis charts, students are also encouraged to think about the links between the past and the present. Our objective is not to compare the two historical contexts, since each situation is unique. However, it is possible to establish links between shared experiences.

Through this activity, we hope to make high school students more aware of how the past is relevant to the present, more sensitive to current problems, and more conscious of their duties as citizens.

Download the Being a Refugee in Canada pedagogical activity

The Being a Refugee in Canada is available pedagogical activity is available online free of charge. Click on the download links at the bottom of this page for this activity. The activity can be used for all Canadian provinces/territories.

Curriculum links

  • Developing critical thinking
  • Understanding and taking a stand on contemporary issues
  • Preparing to be active citizens

World Refugee Day in Montreal © Action Refugiés Montréal

World Refugee Day in Montreal © Action Refugiés Montréal

Jewish refugees aboard the MS St.Louis in Cuba, 1939.

Jewish refugees aboard the MS St.Louis in Cuba, 1939.

Abdul, Syrian refugee in 2015.

Abdul, Syrian refugee in 2015.

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