Career Opportunities

The Montreal Holocaust Museum encourages individuals who identify with discriminated groups to apply.

  • Permanent Positions (full-time & part-time)

Assistant Executive Director


  • Temporary Contract Positions

Promotion Agent for Education Programs

Education Agent


  • Summer Student Positions

There are no summer student positions open at this time

We cannot respond to hate with hate.

Jean Kutscher, survivor and testimony speaker


Volunteering at the Montreal Holocaust Museum is a great opportunity. There are several ways to get involved.


Volunteer guides lead guided tours of the Museum for various groups. They receive intensive training which is offered every two years.

Survivor Testimony

If you are a Holocaust survivor and you wish to share your experience with others, you are welcome to become a survivor speaker for the Montreal Holocaust Museum.

Committee Members

There are many committees that support the development of programs and the democratic nature of the Museum. They include the Remembrance, Education, Museum, Human Rights (young adults), Events, Communications, Fundraising and Public Position committees.

Volunteers are at the heart of the Holocaust Museum

In addition to being trained and acquiring new skills, volunteers are invited to participate in events organised by the Museum. They can get involved in contributing to the Museum’s mission, as well as raising public awareness about the Holocaust and issues related to racism, antisemitism and genocide. The Museum relies on a diverse team of 180 volunteers.