To teach the history of the Holocaust at the elementary level, the museum follows these general guidelines and offers specific recommendations for third-cycle primary students. The goal is to provide a foundation for a more in-depth study of the history of the Holocaust at the high school level.

1. Respect the sensitivity and cognitive skills of students.

  • Emphasize themes related to pre-war life, resistance and rescue.
  • Avoid talking about killings, Einsatzgruppen or any other topic that could traumatize your students.

2. Use personal stories to:

  • Humanize history
  • Develop empathy among students
  • Understand the complexity and diversity of experiences related to the Holocaust

3. Provide context and a variety of supports:


4. Allow your students to express their emotions

Propose an art activity (the Heart from Auschwitz, for example), write a poem or a text.

Heart Paper Activity Holocaust Elementary School History

5. Convey a message of hope and a better world

You can talk about democratic achievements like justice and citizenship; certain essential values ​​such as respect for diversity, humanity and universalism.

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