We gathered for an evening of profound remembrance and education at the Montreal Holocaust Museum to observe Yom HaShoah Vehagvurah, Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day. This event was a call to honor the memory of the Holocaust’s victims, celebrate the resilience of its survivors, and absorb the critical lessons of history to ensure such atrocities are never repeated.

This year’s theme, “ONE PEOPLE, ONE FATE,” reinforced our dedication to illuminating the wide-ranging experiences of the Jewish communities affected by the Holocaust. Through a compelling video featuring testimonies from survivors from Greece, Italy, Poland, and Hungary, we were reminded of the collective history that unites us and the strength that has emerged from our darkest times. The inclusion of Mizrahi community members in our ceremony further celebrated our rich diversity and shared fate.

Moving the ceremony to the Montreal Holocaust Museum for the first time underscored the significance of Holocaust education in the heart of our community. It was a poignant reminder of the importance of commemorating Yom HaShoah as an act of resistance against the resurgence of antisemitism and hate. In these challenging times, the lessons of the Holocaust are more vital than ever, teaching us the consequences of silence and the absolute necessity to speak out. Together, we remembered to ensure a future free from hatred, embracing the sanctity of diversity and human dignity.

We thank all participants who joined us for this solemn occasion. For those who could not attend, or wish to experience the ceremony again, we invite you to discover the program and view the recording below.


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