Introduce survivor testimony to your students with the Teaching about the Holocaust Using Recorded Survivor Testimony pedagogical activity.

The activity focuses on Marcel Tenenbaum, a Holocaust survivor from Belgium, who immigrated to Montreal with his parents in 1951. Using recorded testimony, students build their knowledge of the Holocaust and situate the survivor’s experience in its historical context. In the videos, Marcel Tenenbaum discusses his experience of anti-Jewish measures and living in hiding as a child in Belgium during the Holocaust.

Students learn about the impact of the war and the Holocaust on individuals and develop their critical and historical thinking skills through the use of survivors’ testimonies.

Download the Teaching about the Holocaust Using Recorded Survivor Testimony pedagogical activity

The Teaching about the Holocaust Using Recorded Survivor Testimony pedagogical activity is available online free of charge. Click on the download links at the bottom of this page for the activity that corresponds to your province’s curriculum.

Curriculum Links

  • Develop an interest in history
  • Improve their understanding of the Holocaust
  • Promote inclusiveness and acceptance

More survivor testimonies are available on the Survivors’ Stories section of the website and on the virtual exhibitions Building New Lives and Holocaust Life Stories.

Marcel Tenenbaum's parents in 1930.

Marcel Tenenbaum's parents in 1930.

Friedrich Rübler's identity card..

Friedrich Rübler's identity card..

Deportation in Brussels.

Deportation in Brussels.

Download the Educational Program

Designed for: 3rd cycle elementary – Geography, History, and Citizenship Education; Secondary 1 – History and Citizenship Education, Ethics and Religious Culture; Secondary 5 – History of the Twentieth Century

Designed for: Grade 5 to 8 – English Language Arts; Grade 11 and 12 – Social Studies – French, French Immersion Program

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