This pedagogical activity is designed to support at-home study of the Holocaust.  Students will learn about the impact of the Holocaust on individuals through the analysis of survivors’ artefacts and testimonies.

More than 9 million Jews lived in Europe prior to the Second World War. From 1933 to 1945, they were persecuted and 6 million of them were murdered during the Holocaust. The destruction of Europe’s Jewish communities sent unprecedented shockwaves throughout the world, reaching all the way to Canada.

The activity helps students to learn about the historical context and the different stages of the Holocaust. By analyzing artefacts and video testimonies, they will better understand historical events from a human perspective.

Curriculum Links

Elementary Education

Secondary Education

  • To understand the organization of a society in its territory
  • To interpret change in a society and its territory
  • Reflects on ethical questions
  • Engages in dialogue
  • Examines social phenomena from a historical perspective
  • Interprets social phenomena using the historical method
  • Constructs his/her consciousness of citizenship through the study of history

Download the Educational Activity

The pedagogical activity for studying the Holocaust at home is available online free of charge. Click on the download links at the bottom of this page.

Discover more about artefacts with the Montreal Holocaust Museum's app.

Download the Educational Activity

All levels - Geography, History and Citizenship Education, Ethics and Religious Culture

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