***Événement en anglais***

Attend the screening of « Transit », an award-winning movie about a German refugee assuming the identity of a dead writer to escape persecution.

  • “Transit” by Christian Petzold, film in German and French with English subtitles, 101 min.
  • Film screening November 18 at 7:30pm
  • General admission $15 or $10 for Library members and students


Set in seemingly contemporary times, a man who belongs to a persecuted minority attempts to escape from fascist-run France. As fascism spreads, German refugee Georg (Franz Rogowski) flees to Marseille and assumes the identity of the dead writer whose transit papers he is carrying. Living among refugees from around the world, Georg falls for Marie, a mysterious woman searching for her husband–the man whose identity he has stolen. Adapted from Anna Segher’s 1942 novel, TRANSIT transposes the original story to the present, blurring periods to create a timeless exploration of the plight of displaced people.

It is a war story. A doomed love story. A ghost story. A parable. It’s dark, thrilling and strangely funny, in an absurdist, Kafka-esque way.
Globe Arts

An award-winning movie

Winner of Best Screenplay – Bavarian Film Awards
Winner of Best Film – Dublin International Film Festival
Winner of Best Film – Nuremberg Film Festival “Turkey-Germany”
Winner of Best of Masters – Portland International Film Festival

Please contact the Jewish Public Library at 514.345.6416 to reserve your tickets.


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