Learn about the history of the Holocaust from those who survived it. Hear testimony from survivors highlighting personal experiences during the Holocaust, and take a self-guided tour of the Museum, free of charge.

Survivor Testimony

Hear Georgette Brinberg’s testimony at 11 am in French.

“During the Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup of Jews in July 1942, Georgette, her sister, and their mother were taken to the Vélodrôme d’Hiver … The sisters escaped from their bus thanks to a French policeman who told them to run away. They somehow managed to get to a village called Morée where they were hidden in the loft of a house until the end of the war. Georgette and her sister were raised as Catholics and nobody in the village knew that they were Jewish.” (Holocaust Life Stories)

Hear Ted Bolgar’s testimony at 1 pm in English.

After being deported to a ghetto near his hometown in North-Eastern Hungary, Ted Bolgar survived Auschwitz, forced labour and a death march towards Dachau. When the camp was liquidated in the Spring of 1945, soldiers abandoned Ted along with other prisoners in a train allowing them to escape.


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