The Heart from Auschwitz learning activity focuses on a symbol of spiritual resistance. A group of women at the Auschwitz concentration camp made a heart-shaped card. This learning activity, which incorporates both introspective and creative elements, concludes the study of the Holocaust on a positive note. To complete the activity, students create their own heart-shaped booklet.

Designed for: Third-cycle elementary students – Social Sciences, Languages, Ethics and Religious Culture
Fees : The activity itself is free, however shipping/ courier costs of the reproduction of the heart are at your own expense

Coeur réalisé par des élèves en 2011.

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Teachers may also borrow or purchase The Heart of Auschwitz — by director Carl Leblanc (ADHOC Films) — a documentary that traces the history of the heart through some of the women who created it and 20-year-old Fania who received it in secret, while working in a munitions factory at Auschwitz.