The aim of the Hana’s Suitcase learning activity is to introduce the story of Hana Brady, a victim of the Nazis, to third-cycle (junior level) students. Following the footsteps of a young educator looking for information about Hana Brady, students gradually discover some similarities between the young girl and themselves. The project is a study of the main events of the Holocaust. Students learn about the persecution of Jews and the impact it had on the Brady family. Hana’s Suitcase encourages students to reflect on the consequences of discrimination, both today and in the past.

Designed for: Third-cycle elementary students – Social Sciences, Languages, Ethics and Religious Culture
Fees : The activity itself is free, however shipping/ courier costs of the suitcase are at your own expense

hana-012Book this activity free of charge using the pre-reservation form. You will receive :

  • The teaching guide with ten activities
  • One copy per student of the book Hana’s Suitcase, by Karen Levine
  • A Brief History of the Holocaust: A Reference Tool
  • Nine reproductions
  • 1 DVD
  • Hana’s family photo album
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